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Sources of Support for Operation and Maintenance

The first source of funds comes from institutional commitments for support at application in the form of contributions towards renovation costs, staff support for beyond the term of the project, and the indirect costs of research (e.g., utilities and staff to oversee and manage the facility installation). The ability to make these commitments depends on the availability of funds that are not otherwise committed to support the institution's overall academic enterprise.

The second source of support is the Institution’s CFI Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF). An institution’s IOF allocation is based on the CFI contributions for all IOF-eligible projects. These are CFI projects approved after July 1, 2001, with the exception of projects funded under the Canada Research Chairs Infrastructure Funds and the international fund envelope. All IOF-eligible projects generate an IOF allocation of 30% of the maximum CFI amount approved at award finalization. For example, if a $1M project received a $400,000 CFI contribution, then that project generates $120,000 towards the Institution’s IOF.

The CFI gives each Institution the authority to manage its IOF allocation in ways that address actual operation and maintenance (O&M) needs, as opposed to allocating the exact amount to the project that generated it. This offers institutions maximum flexibility to support projects with different needs and scope, while ensuring accountability. Consistent with this CFI policy, the vice-president (research) has allocated up to 1/6th of the institution's IOF to create a Research Infrastructure Support fund. This fund is intended to contribute towards a facility’s need for extraordinary O&M support needs.

Other necessary sources of revenue for O&M include investigators’ research operating and equipment funds obtained through other sources, including start-up funds, and, for some facilities, user fees and external funding sources.