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Nominating a Canada Research Chair

Nomination Process

The Canada Research Chair (CRC) Secretariat requires that recruitment and nomination processes be transparent, open and equitable. For further details please see:

Nomination for a CRC requires the completion of online forms and attachments and letters of reference. Nominations are reviewed internally before submission to the CRC Secretariat. Individuals interested in applying to be nominated for a CRC award should contact their faculty.

Internal Review Process

The internal review of the nomination occurs in three stages.
  • 1. Receipt and first internal review

    A complete nomination package consists of the nomination form, nomination attachment, CV and CV attachment. All four parts of the package should be uploaded to the CRC website, and the CRC coordinator and advisor informed that the package is ready for review, at least nine weeks before nominations are due in Ottawa. Schedules for submission are posted on the RSO website under CRC Deadlines. At the time of submission to RSO, the candidate or nominating team should request that the three referees write their letters and send electronic copies of their letter (signed and on letterhead) to both the CRC and the CRC coordinator and advisor.

    The nomination is reviewed internally and the reviewer's comments are returned to the candidate and/or nominating team. The purpose of this first internal review is to consider the strength of the package as a whole, the strength of the research proposal, the fit of the nomination with the university's strategic research plan for CFI, CRC and CERC, and the accuracy of the funding pages and the institutional commitment section. It is expected that the nomination package will be revised in accordance with the reviewer's comments.

  • 2. Submission of copies for review by the President’s Advisory Committee for Senior Academic Appointments (PACSAA)

    Six copies of the revised nomination should be submitted to the CRC coordinator and advisor at RSO for review by the PACSAA. The purpose of this final review is to decide on the suitability of both the candidate for nomination and the nomination package for submission to the CRC Secretariat. Copies of the three reference letters should have been received by the CRC coordinator and advisor by this stage. Internal review cannot be completed if copies of the reference letters are not received in time for review by the PACSAA. Please be sure that your revised files have been uploaded to the CRC website before submitting the paper copies to RSO.

    The decision of the CRC Committee will be communicated to the candidate and the faculty/nominating team.

  • 3. Submission to CRC

    If approved for nomination, the candidate/nominating team should make any changes recommended by the PACSAA and then submit a signed and dated, single-sided original, to the CRC coordinator and advisor. Please be sure that any revised files have been uploaded to the CRC website before submitting this final copy to RSO. Approval and signing by the provost and vice-president (academic) will be arranged by the CRC coordinator and advisor. Late nominations will not be accepted by the CRC Secretariat until the next submission. Please refer to Deadlines for pending internal schedules associated with the April and October submissions to Ottawa.

    The results of nominations are received from the CRC Secretariat as follows:

    Submission Results Received Earliest Start Date
    October April April 1
    April October October 1

Candidate and Nominating Team Roles and Responsibilities

Where the candidate is not already at the university, the nomination process is best facilitated when a member of the department liaises with the candidate to ensure that the nomination documents are completed appropriately. The nominating team should be established under the responsibility of the department chair. A member of the nominating team should be responsible for completing some components of the nomination documents, especially the three sections under "Integration with the Strategic Research Plan", including "Institutional Environment," Institutional Commitment" and "Fit with the Strategic Research Plan". 

Nomination Preparation

The CRC coordinator and advisor will create the online nomination on receipt of the nominee’s PIN, obtained here.

CV and CV Attachment

The candidate completes the CV online. The candidate's current university and department should be used. The CV attachment must be created as a PDF file and uploaded to the CRC site as per the instructions provided on the "Attachments" page in the CV online form. Be sure to follow the format, presentation and content guidelines.

Nomination Form

  • Page 1 - Identification
    University contact information is populated automatically; nominee information on this page is automatically copied from the CV form. 
  • Page 2 - Chair Information
    Complete all boxes. The "Title of the Chair" should be concise (e.g., "Solid State Physics") and distinct from the titles of other Canada Research Chairs at the university. 
  • Page 3 - Research Project Summary
    The 100-word summary should capture the uniqueness and importance of the research and should be written in lay terms.
  • Page 3 (only if required) - Justification for the Tier 2 Chair
    Complete this section if the nominee is a Tier 2 candidate and the highest degree was awarded more than 10 years ago. A full justification of the delay in nomination is required (e.g., medical leave, breaks in career etc.). Tier 2 Chairs are intended for emerging researchers.
  • Page 4 - Letters of Reference
    The candidate or nominating team must request a letter of reference from each of the three referees. Tier 1 candidates, and Tier 2 renewal candidates, should choose at least two referees from peer institutions outside of Canada. Contact referees well in advance of the Chairs nomination deadline. Please adhere to, and inform the referees of, the Chairs Program's Guidelines for Referees (see the "Guidelines - Letters of Reference" link and on the form) and the Conflict of Interest Policy. Candidates or nominating teams may choose to supply the candidate's CV and nomination research proposal to referees. The letters should be written specifically for the purpose of submission to the CRC program.

    The referees should email a scanned copy of their original letter, signed and on letterhead, directly to the Chairs Secretariat and to the CRC coordinator and advisor. Copies of the letters should reach the CRC coordinator and advisor at least six weeks prior to the Ottawa submission deadline. Internal review cannot be completed if copies of the reference letters are not received in time for review by the CRC Committee. 
  • Page 5 - Funding from the Chairs program
    Salary and benefits of the incumbent:
    Tier 1 enter $170,000 for Years 1-7
    Tier 2 enter $85,000 for Years 1-5

    Administrative costs:
    Tier 1 enter $30,000 for Years 1-7
    Tier 2 enter $15,000 for Years 1-5
  • Page 6 - Funding from the University (Tier 1 or Tier 2)

    This section should provide estimates of all funding that will be provided to the chairholder by the department, Faculty or centrally (including start-up funding); it should include funding that may be provided to all Faculty members regardless of whether or not they are CRC chairholders. All dollars listed in this table should be itemized in the Institutional Commitment section of the nomination attachment, and the source of those funds listed explicitly.

    Salary and benefits of the incumbent:
    • Year 1: enter the total salary plus benefits (at 20%) minus $150,000 for a Tier 1, $75,000 for a Tier 2, minus the amount that will be paid from any other grants (listed on Page 7).
    • Years 2-7 (5 for Tier 2): enter the year 1 figure plus reasonable annual increments (compounded).

    Student salaries and benefits:

    • For each year of the award, enter the anticipated value of student support (salary and benefits) that will be provided to the chairholder by the department, Faculty or University.

    Non-student salaries and benefits:

    • For each year of the award, enter the anticipated value of non-student support (salary and benefits) that will be provided to the chairholder by the department, Faculty or University. If the chairholder will share staff with other Faculty members, an appropriate % of the resource should be determined and a corresponding $$ value assigned.

    Other expenses:

    • Enter values as appropriate for each category.
    • The value of the Professional Expense Allowance ($1,400) should be entered either under Travel and Workshops, or under Other expenditures.
    • If teaching release will be provided to the chairholder, enter the cost of the sessional replacement; note that if less than 40% of your time is allocated to teaching then you are receiving teaching release and an appropriate figure should be entered here.
  • Page 7 - Funding from other sources
    This table should reflect any funding, including salary and benefits, from sources other than the university. Include CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC funding that will be used to support the chair's research. If a CFI application is being made with this CRC application do not include any partner funds, but do enter partner funds and in-kind contributions for other CFIs.
  • Page 8 - Suggested Reviewers
    Provide contact information for three reviewers; these may not be the same as the individuals who are writing letters of reference. The reviewers listed may or may not be chosen by the CRC Secretariat to review the nomination. Do not attempt to contact potential reviewers. Please adhere to the eligibility criteria given on this page of the form. All reviewers should be kept at arm's length.
  • Pages 5 - 7 - Expenditures and funding tables

    The tables must be completed with the knowledge of, and in liaison with, the dean’s office.

  • Signature Pages of the Nomination Form
    The candidate must sign the original of the final paper version on the Signature page and on the Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information page. The CRC coordinator and advisor will obtain the university signature.

Nomination Attachment

Follow the format, presentation and content guidelines and address all items specifically requested on the "Attachments" page of the nomination form.

To address the fit with the university’s strategic research plan, please see the SRP and Summary on the Office of the Vice President (Research) website

CFI for Canada Research Chairs

With faculty approval, candidates may also apply concomitantly for Chairs/Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) infrastructure support. The CFI administrator (LINK) at RSO should be contacted directly regarding the submission of a CFI application with a CRC nomination.

CIHR and Canada Research Chairs

Canada Research Chairs cannot concurrently hold a CIHR salary award.

Tier 1 & Tier 2 Criteria

The CRC website provides selection criteria for Tier 1 and Tie 2 nominees and assessment criteria for the institutional section of nominations.