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Conditions Affecting Chair Awards

Start Date

The chairholder must take up his or her appointment within 12 months of the university receiving notification of the award. The effective date may be no earlier than the first day of the month following the notification of the award. The program provides no retroactive funding.

Period of Tenure

Once claimed, awards for Tier 1 Chairs are tenable for seven years and awards for Tier 2 Chairs for five years. Should a chairholder leave or be unable to perform his or her duties before the award expires, the University must notify the program Secretariat. Similarly, if there is a change in a chairholder's employment status (for example, from full professor to professor emeritus, from full-time to part-time, or due to retirement, dismissal or resignation) the University must notify the program Secretariat immediately.

Holding Other Chairs/Awards

  • Canada Research Chairs and Canada Excellence Research Chairs may not be held concurrently.

  • Killam Research Fellowship may be held concurrently with a Chair with any granting agency.

  • CIHR: CIHR-affiliated Canada Research Chair holders may not concurrently hold a CIHR salary award or another federally funded salary award.

  • NSERC: Subject to certain conditions, NSERC-affiliated Canada Research Chair holders may concurrently hold an Industrial Research Chair, University Faculty Award or Steacie Fellowship.

  • SSHRC: SSHRC-affiliated Canada Research Chairs may not concurrently hold a SSHRC Partnered Chair.

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Chairholders are eligible for sabbatical leave, ordinary vacation, extended illness, maternity, paternity, family and other types of leaves in accordance with local institutional policies. While a period of leave may not exceed one year, a chairholder may take more than one leave period during the tenure of his or her award as long as there is a minimum of two academic terms between each leave. The program Secretariat will terminate the award of a Chair who takes consecutive leaves.

Except for the exceptions explained in the following section, the period of tenure of a Chair will not be extended to accommodate a period of leave. Any residual funds may be transferred to the next fiscal year, but not beyond the end date of the award.

Leave Exceptions

In cases of maternity, paternity, extended illness, and the care and nurturing of immediate family members, the chairholder may take up to a two-year leave. If the leave is less than one year, the payments to the University will continue. If the leave is greater than one year, the payments will be deferred for the duration of the leave and will resume when the chairholder returns full-time to the institution to complete the full period of the original appointment (i.e., five or seven years). The original amount of funding will remain unchanged.