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Internal Allocation Process

The president, provost and vice-president (academic) and vice-president (research) determine the allocation of Canada Research Chair (CRC) positions to research areas and to faculties. Allocations will be based on university strategic research plans, Faculty strategic plans, and formal requests from deans, and will follow the CRC guidelines for the nomination process.

Allocation decisions will be formally communicated to the respective deans. Recommendations will also be made regarding timing of the nomination submission. Preference will be given to proposals involving recruitment candidates for chair nominations.

Should the CRC Program reject a candidate, or should the candidate not accept the position, the chair position allocation reverts to the university. The university may subsequently allocate the position back to the same faculty or decide to use it elsewhere.

If a faculty loses a chair awardee because of resignation, retirement or for any other reason, the chair allocation reverts to the university. In such cases, to retain the allocation, the respective dean must submit a proposal for re-allocation of the chair position to the CRC committee.

Such a proposal should contain:

  • an appropriate rationale for retaining the allocation,
  • the discipline area in which the proposed chair position would be used, and
  • a justification in terms of faculty and university strategic research plans

Re-allocation of a vacated Chair position will depend on the strength of the proposal, the relative funding success of the Faculty under the appropriate federal granting agency and other strategic factors. Memos intended for the CRC committee should be sent to the Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President (Academic) with a copy to the Canada Research Chairs Coordinator and Advisor.