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Negotiation and Approval of Salaries

All salary offers to Canada Research Chair (CRC) nominees must be conditional upon the chair being awarded. The provost and vice-president (academic) reserves the right to reject a nomination. Thus, faculties should not commit further than to state that they will recommend the individual as a nominee to the university. In all cases, faculties should seek the prior approval of the provost and vice-president (academic) early in the recruitment process.

The annual stipend component of the chair award ($20,000 for Tier 1 and $10,000 for Tier 2) should be considered to be a research prize due to each awardee. As such, the stipend is not to be negotiated as part of the regular salary: its allocation for either research or salary supplement should be at the discretion of the awardee. Stipends are to be discontinued if for any reason a chairholder vacates the chair position.

Retention Cases

Deans must obtain prior approval from the provost and vice-president (academic) if there is any contemplated change to the salary component of the nominee, exclusive of the chair stipend.

Recruitment Cases

Deans must obtain prior approval from the provost and vice-president (academic) in all cases.

Negotiations must be completed, and compensation levels established, before submission of the nomination. The 'funding' pages of the Canada Research Chairs nomination form must contain the finalized information regarding salary and benefits amounts to be taken from each of:

  1. the chairs program,
  2. the university, and
  3. sources other than the university