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Receipt and Processing of CRC Awards

The CRC coordinator and advisor will inform nominees and their respective deans and department chairs of the outcome of the nomination. Awardees will be contacted to sign the "Notice of Award and Acceptance" form provided by the Chairs Secretariat; the provost and vice-president (academic) will then accept the award by signing the form, after which it will be submitted to the Chairs Secretariat. The original form will be retained by the Research Services Office in the chairholder's file. The CRC coordinator and advisor will provide an information letter to each new awardee by the chair start date. Please note that the chair awards are not public information until they have been announced by the federal minister's office, usually within four months of the initial notification to the university.

Stipend Allocation 

Upon notification of the Chair award, each awardee must complete a Stipend Allocation Form (available in the Forms Cabinet) (obtaining signatures of the respective dean and department chair), and forward the form to the CRC coordinator and advisor.

The awardee can choose to:

  • take all of the stipend as a salary supplement,
  • direct the stipend into a Chair research trust account, or
  • apportion the stipend between salary supplement and research trust account.

That portion of stipend taken as a salary supplement will be income taxable as normal salary. The awardee has the option to change the allocation of the stipend once annually, on or before July 1 of each year, by submitting a revised Stipend Allocation form to the CRC coordinator and advisor.