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Recruitment of Canada Research Chairs

The provost and vice-president (academic) reserves the right to reject a nomination. Thus, during recruitment, faculties should not commit further than to state that they will recommend the individual as a nominee to the university. In all cases, faculties should seek the prior approval of the provost and vice-president (academic) early in the recruitment process.

Faculties must advertise all chair positions; academic appointments associated with nomination to a CRC award should not be contingent on the success of the chair nomination. Recruitment should include the customary selection process and follow the CRC guidelines:

Recruiting Foreign Nationals to Continuing Faculty Positions

The regular procedures for advertising of, and selection into, an academic position apply (i.e., national advertising for a minimum of 30 days in at least CAUT and University Affairs, the Immigration Proviso statement, interviewing Canadians/permanent residents who meet advertised requirements, offering the position to a qualified Canadian/permanent resident before it is offered to foreign candidate, etc.).

Next, via Recruitment Services, the hiring department applies to Service Canada for a "labour market opinion." Once approved, the labour market opinion allows the foreign national to apply for a temporary work permit. After arrival in Canada, the foreign national is contacted by the immigration specialist in Recruitment Services, who provides guidance about applying for permanent residence.

It is strongly recommended that the faculty consult the immigration specialist in Recruitment Services for assistance and advice early in the process of hiring a foreign national.