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Western Economic Diversification Canada

Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) was established to promote the development and diversification of the economy of Western Canada and to advance the interests of the West in national economic policy, program and project development and implementation.

WD receives an annual allocation, approved by Parliament, for grants and contributions that support a wide range of programs responding to Western Canada's economic development needs and priorities.

Through the Western Diversification Program (WDP), WD makes strategic investments in initiatives that enhance and strengthen the economy of Western Canada. Funding is available to not-for-profit organizations (i,e., universities and other post-secondary institutions, research institutes, industry associations, Indigenous organizations) for projects that support innovation, business development and/or community economic growth.

Submitting a WDP Proposal 

RSO has a series of steps (see below) that you will need to complete in order to assess project costs adequately and to forecast budget periods for your WD application. Depending on the items listed in the Project Costs, it is essential that you liaise with the appropriate units at U of A. If you have any questions about these steps, contact your RSO Research Facilitator.

NOTE: inadequate budget forecast planning, including failure to consult with appropriate U of A units, will result in potential withholding of funding installments by WD.

Personnel Costs

Does your project include costs for personnel (i.e., salary + benefits)?.

  • Consult with U of A Human Resource Services (HR) and/or your department regarding development of a Job Fact Sheet, pay grade, etc.
Failure to consult with HR may result in unanticipated delays in hiring personnel and insufficient budgeting for personnel costs.

Equipment Costs

Will the project include equipment purchases?

  • Consult with U of A Supply Management Services (SMS) (780-492-4668; to obtain information about:
    • Competitive bid process that applies to items over $75,000 CDN.
    • Estimated cost of the item, including shipping/handling and customs charges.
    • Fees associated with delivery.
    • Delivery and/or installation timelines once the item has been shipped from the vendor.
Failure to consult with SMS may result in unexpected delays in assembly, shipping and/or delivery of equipment, potentially pushing equipment costs to the next fiscal year(s).
Note: Reimbursement is only for fully functioning unit(s), not on delivery of item(s).

Advanced Research Computing Costs

Does your project include costs for advanced research computing infrastructure (computing, memory, storage, etc.)?

  • Consult Scott Delinger, Director, Research Computing, Information Services & Technology (780-707-7335; regarding project needs and coordination with Compute Canada, if necessary.
Failure to consult with IST may result in unanticipated delays in acquisition and installation of advanced research computing infrastructure.

Space Modification Costs

Does your project require space modifications (construction/renovation)?

Failure to consult with F&O may result in delayed placement of the project into the F&O work queue, increased associated costs being incurred, and completion at a later date than anticipated.

Why Do You Need to Do This?

Collecting this information will help you plan your project’s budget cashflow requirements strategically and mitigate potential problems by allocating funds appropriately.

Inadequate budget forecast planning, including failure to consult with SMS, F&O and HR, can result in problematic budgetary situations, as outlined in the example below.

Budget at Application

Project Actuals



Forecast to March 31, 2018

Forecast to March 31, 2018

Forecast for fiscal 2019






Vendor required deposit of $500,000; unanticipated delays in assembly, shipping and delivery of equipment item resulted in remaining costs being moved to next fiscal year.

Space modification




F&O determined that, once the project was placed in the queue, renovations could not start until after April 2019.





Personnel could not be hired in fiscal 2018 due to delays in completing renovations and acquisition of equipment. HR timelines for Job Fact Sheet review, posting and hiring were also not considered.