Signature Requirements

In addition to the signature requirements of the sponsor, the University of Alberta (U of A) also has signature requirements.

All applications and proposals submitted for external funding must be signed by the:

  1. U of A principal investigator
  2. All U of A co-investigator(s)
  3. U of A principal investigator department
  4. U of A principal investigator faculty and
  5. Research facilitator, Research Services Office on behalf of the institution

To generate the U of A signature page, a Request for New Application/Proposal/Project form must be completed through the Researcher Home Page.

NOTE: External co-investigator signatures are only collected if required by the sponsor.

In addition to the signatures, an email or letter from the U of A co-investigator's department or faculty MUST be included if new or additional resources are being committed by the department or faculty (except when the co-applicant(s) are from the same department as the principal investigator).

Those signing on behalf of the department or faculty who are listed as the principal investigator or co-investigator may not sign their own applications. They are required to obtain signatures from a designated one-over approval. Please contact your research facilitator for advice on who should provide the department and faculty signatures. Signatures should be obtained in the order listed above.

Signatures for e-submissions

All electronic submissions of an application or proposal require all U of A signatures on a printed copy of the application prior to submission.

Requesting Vice-president Signature on Letters of Support

Occasionally letters of intent (LOI) and applications/proposals require a letter of support signed by the vice president (research). In all cases the process for obtaining these letters is managed by the research facilitator. Those approaching the Office of the Vice-President (Research) directly for letters will be referred to the research facilitator.


  • Principal investigator confirms internal deadlines (Department/Faculty/RSO) and provides the following to the research facilitator:
    • Letter of intent/application/proposal
    • U of A signature page with required signatures in place
    • Documentation confirming U of A support
    • Draft letter of support
  • Research facilitator:
    • Confirms the letter meets sponsor guidelines
    • Confirms the letter expresses U of A support accurately
    • Recommends vice-president (research) signature on the letter
    • Provides the signed letter of support to the principal applicant

Signature Requirements for Research Chair Applications

Please note that in addition to the signature requirements noted above, all research chair applications, including letters of intent, must be signed by the vice-president (research) on behalf of the institution. Your research facilitator will coordinate getting the signature from the vice-president (research) on all chair applications once all the other required signatures are obtained.