Signature Requirements

Signatures and Letters of Intent

Many agencies use a two-stage application process - a letter of intent (LOI) followed by a full proposal or application. LOIs are reviewed and signed by the RSO only if:

  • the agency requests a University of Alberta signature
  • the LOI may result in an award, i.e., a development grant to assist with the preparation of the full proposal or
  • the application is an institutional application, i.e., the university is the applicant not the individual researcher(s)

If the above applies, the following signatures are required: the principal investigator (PI), their chair and dean, and the RSO (on behalf of the university).

If the LOI includes co-investigators, RSO still requires only the signature of the PI, and their chair and dean.

If the sponsor requires co-investigator signatures, RSO also requires these signatures. To create your signature page, use the Request for New Application/Proposal/Project form. U of A co-applicants still need to sign the signature pages generated through the Researcher Home Page.

Note: The Pre-Submission Supplementary Signature page is no longer being used as signature pages are now created through the Researcher Home Page.

For additional information or clarification, please contact your research facilitator.