Key Concepts

Each year, RSO enters thousands of contracts with government, industry and non-profit sponsors. The University of Alberta’s commitment to research excellence brings interest from around the world.

All research contracts have to be reasonable, and, with rare exceptions, have to comply with these key University of Alberta expectations, based on policies, agreements, and status as a publicly funded institution:

  1. Budgets must include indirect costs of research (overhead). Our current standard minimum indirect cost rate is 20%.

  2. No secret research. Researchers must be able to use their research results for internal purposes, and have the right to publish those results in journals or at conferences. Limited delay of publication may be acceptable in certain circumstances.

  3. Research results cannot be guaranteed. We do not provide any warranties about research results.

  4. Any student who works on a research project must be able to own their thesis work and must be able to defend and publish their thesis without interference or undue delay.

  5. Ownership and licensing of research results must follow the university’s policies and collective agreements. 

Research contracts start with a shared understanding between the researcher and the sponsor about the nature of the research, the sponsor’s commitment and the university’s key expectations. RSO helps researchers by negotiating appropriate research agreements based on this shared understanding. Research projects or programs with multiple sponsors require careful management and commitment by all sponsors to abide by the same understanding.  

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