Manage Funding


It is not always possible to anticipate the future development of the relationship governed by an agreement or award and, as a result, amendments to existing agreements may be required. Principal investigators are encouraged to contact sponsors as soon as possible when an amendment is required. In most cases, changes to an agreement require sponsor approval.

Note: The requirement for sponsor approval applies to both internal and external sponsors.

Additional information is provided below for some of the more common amendments requested.

Extension to a Project End Date

Our office requires sponsor approval in order to extend the end date of an existing project. Sponsor approval must be in writing and, depending on the original terms of the funding, a formally signed agreement amendment may be required.

Processing an end date extension usually takes a minimum of three months. In certain circumstances, for example, where multiple funding partners are involved or in the case of international sponsors, this process may take significantly longer.

For additional information about extending a project end date, contact your faculty-assigned research facilitator.

Change of Principal Investigator and/or Project Holder

Create an amendment request for a Change of Project Holder and/or Department for a Research Project through Researcher Home Page and forward the form to the appropriate research facilitator. A copy of the sponsor’s written approval should be included with the form where required.

Note: We require written sponsor approval for any changes to a project’s principal investigator. In cases where only the project holder is being changed and the holder is not the principal investigator (for example, the project is held by a chair or dean), sponsor approval is generally not required.

Change to Project Dept ID (i.e., the unit administering the funds)

Create a request for the Change to Existing Research Project form through Researcher Home Page. Instructions can be found in the Guide to Researcher Home Page on page eight. After signing the form and obtaining the signatures of the new administering unit, forward the signed copy to the appropriate research facilitator. Include the following information as an attachment:

  • New administering unit’s name and department ID; and
  • Email confirmation from the current administering unit (i.e., department and/or faculty) confirming that they are supportive of the change.

Note: if multiple projects are being changed, attach a list of all projects to be changed to a single completed form.

For further assistance with amending a project, contact your designated research facilitator.

Changes to Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and CFI-related projects should be discussed as early on in the project as possible with either Kara Allanach, Manager, Institutional Projects (phone 780-492-8936 or email or Nancy Klimczak, Assistant Director, Partnerships and Institutional Projects (phone 780-492-1452 or email