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Signature Requirements for Amendments

To better serve our research community and reduce everyone’s workload, Research Services Office (RSO) has made significant changes to reduce signature requirements for amendments. The processes outlined below are now in effect.

Signatures required for No Cost End Date Extensions

  • RSO no longer requires a signed Request for Amendment form if only the end date is changing.
  • Requests should be forwarded to RSO via email or campus mail. Written approval from the sponsor is required in all cases.
  • Where the sponsor provides written approval directly to RSO, we will proceed to process the extension without further documentation. PI approval is implied by receipt of the sponsor's written approval.
  • Updated ethics are still required where necessary.

Signatures Required for Amendments other than No-Cost End Date Extensions

Applies to the following categories of amendments in Researcher Home Page: Add/Remove Sponsor, Change in Award Amount, Change of PI/Project Holder, Change of Department, or Other.

  • For RSO to complete the amendment, a signed Request for Amendment form, along with written sponsor approval, will typically be all that is required to move forward with processing the amendment. Note: An updated scope and budget may be required for a change in award amount.
  • If RSO determines that there are exceptional circumstances, a signed Amending Agreement Acknowledgment Form may be requested.

Please note that in all scenarios, departments and faculties will continue to receive Advice Notices as usual so that they will be aware of any changes.

Contact your research facilitator with any questions.