Academic Visitor Office

Inviting Academic Visitors

Academic visitors are an important part of our research and academic community.



An Academic visitor is defined as visitors who will be on the University of Alberta (UAlberta) campus for generally more than one month to carry out research or collaborate with UAlberta researchers. Academic visitor can be a professor, graduate/undergraduate student, or an individual from industry or private sector.


Inviting an academic visitor

The following steps required to invite an academic visitor, and will help ensure the visitor’s smooth transition to our campus.

Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada: please complete this Academic Visitor Assessment Form.
Completed forms will be sent to UAlberta’s Academic Visitors Office.

Foreign nationals:.

o Step 1: Please complete the Foreign Visitor Category Assessment

International Mobility Program
This program applies to foreign nationals who fall into the “LMIA-exempt” category, and include (but are not limited to): visiting professors, research award recipients, clinical/medical/research fellows, post-doctoral fellows, clinical academic colleagues, and those who may be eligible under a Foreign Trade Agreement such as NAFTA or GATS.

To invite foreign visitors under the International Mobility Program login to the UAlberta Immigration Management System. Instructions on using the Immigration Management System are available in the Foreign Visitor Category Assessment User Guide and Tips sheet.

UAlberta’s Immigration Services will assess the information provided through the Immigration Management Systems and if required, create and submit the required forms and payment to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). When an IRCC response is received, the university’s Immigration Services will contact the host department with more instructions.Visit UAlberta’s Human Resources website for frequently asked questions regarding inviting foreign nationals under the International Mobility Program.

o Step 2: Please complete the required documents as instructed by UAlberta Immigration Services and send them to your visitor. Keep a copy for your records.

o Step 3: Upon arrival, register the visitor with the Academic Visitors Office