Research Ethics Office

Research Ethics Board Oversight Committee (REBOC)

The Research Ethics Board Oversight Committee (REBOC) is a standing committee of the Vice-President (Research and Innovation) that oversees the relevant function and performance of the Research Ethics Boards (REBs) and develops and reviews procedures to ensure compliance of the REBs with the Human Research Ethics Policy and its Procedures.

REBOC is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring University of Alberta policy concerning human research ethics. It is responsible for ensuring the consistent interpretation and application of relevant policy by the REBs, as well as monitoring the consistency and equity of procedures, record keeping, decision-making, and performance standards across the REBs. In the event of an appeal of a negative decision by an REB, the appeal committee members are drawn from the REBOC.

REBOC is responsible for reviewing relevant policies and procedures, from time to time, to ensure their currency and relevance to national and other policies. These policies and procedures can be revised, subject to normal University of Alberta approval procedures in order to maintain compliance with relevant policies and procedures inside and outside the University. REBOC provides bi-annual reports to the Vice-President (Research and Innovation).