Research Ethics Office

University Animal Policy and Welfare Committee (UAPWC)

The University Animal Policy and Welfare Committee (UAPWC) is a standing committee of the Vice-President (Research and Innovation) and is the institutional animal care and use committee, responsible for ensuring that institutional standards for animal care and use meet or exceed Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) guidelines.

UAPWC oversees all animal care and use performed under the jurisdiction of the University. It makes recommendations to the Vice-President (Research and Innovation) on policies, procedures and standards for animal care and use and oversees and monitors the work of the Animal Care and Use Committees (ACUCs) to which it has delegated responsibility for reviewing and managing animal use applications. The ACUCs specialize in different types of research (biomedical/lab animal, livestock and biosciences/psychology/wildlife) and are each associated with a similarly specialized animal services unit.

The Committee on Animal Resources (CAR) is a sub-committee of UAPWC and is responsible for evaluation of, and planning for, University animal facility use and development, both new construction and renovations.