ACUC Health Sciences

The ACUC: Health Sciences board operates two panels.

  • Health Sciences 1 generally reviews less invasive (e.g., Category of Invasiveness B, some C) health sciences and biomedical studies, commonly involving small laboratory animals (primarily rodents).
  • Health Sciences 2 generally reviews studies with a higher level of invasiveness (e.g., Category of Invasiveness C-E) for health sciences and biomedical studies involving the use of small laboratory animals (primarily rodents), as well as larger mammals.

There is some overlap with both the Biosciences and Livestock ACUCs.

The review committee consists of a veterinarian, animal technician(s), scientists who are knowledgeable in animal care and use with a variety of species, graduate students and community members. Ad hoc reviewers are called on periodically to provide additional expertise as required (e.g. statisticians, ethicists, Environmental Health and Safety/ Biosafety Officers, etc.). Please contact the Commitee Coordinator if you wish to volunteer to serve on a review committee. 


Animal Service Unit

Health Sciences Laboratory Animal Services (HSLAS) provides veterinarian oversight and animal support services for the protocols reviewed by the Health Sciences ACUC.