Research Ethics Office

AHS, Covenant Health and the Health Research Ethics Board (HREB)

In 1997, Capital Health, Caritas Health (now Covenant Health) and the University of Alberta collapsed all their hospital and health sciences REBs and through a formal agreement established the Health Research Ethics Board (HREB). AHS continued that agreement when the health regions were merged in 2008. Since its establishment, HREB has been the conjoint ethics review board for all University of Alberta health researchers (faculty and trainees) as well as researchers from, or studies involving the resources of, Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health.

HREB is administered by the University of Alberta but it is comprised of researchers from all three institutions. The US Federal-wide Assurances (FWAs) maintained by the University, Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health all name HREB, which is in turn registered with the US Office of Human Research Protections. HREB acts concurrently and simultaneously for all three institutions.

As of 2017, AHS and Covenant Health have designated HREB as their review board for all human research conducted under their auspices province wide by Researchers not otherwise affiliated with either of the University's.

How to Apply

Applicants who do not have a current staff or student relationship with the University of Alberta will need to request a Guest CCID and REMO user role in order to access the REMO system.

Researchers from Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health (without a University of Alberta affiliation) can request a Guest CCID from the Research Ethics Office (  Guest CCIDs must be renewed every twelve months. 

After obtaining your Guest CCID, you will have to follow the steps required for Access to the Human Research module.

Royal Roads University Researchers

REB 3: HREB - Health Panel is the designated REB to review applications from researchers enrolled at Royal Roads University who will be conducting research under the jurisdiction (ie. accessing patients, staff and/or their data) of the University of Alberta, Alberta Health Services (province-wide) or Covenant Health (province-wide) as part of the research. 
Information for Royal Roads Applicants