Help & Video Tutorials for Using the REMO System

Video tutorials or help documents for using the REMO system are available below, separated for animal use applicants and human research applicants.  

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** Due to the system update in Feb 2019, videos and help documents are currently being updated. **

Animal Use Application


Other Help 


Human Research Application

  • Navigating the Online System - An overview of using REMO and finding your studies
  • Request an additional role - How to request an additional role for your REMO profile (if someone cannot find your name in a dropdown box to add you to their study)
  • Change Personnel- How to ADD or DELETE personnel on an approved REMO application
  • Change Funding - How to ADD or DELETE a funding source from an approved REMO application
  • Reviewer Notes - How to find and respond to the REB's request for revisions by accessing the "reviewer notes"
  • Students as PI - How to edit your REMO profile if you are student PI
  • Renewals - How to create and submit a renewal application
  • Approval Letters - How to view/find and save an approval letter
  • Copy an Existing Study - How to copy an existing REMO application to use as the starting point for a new application
  • Documentation - How to ADD, EDIT and DELETE documents from Section 7.1 in the REMO application
  • Change Document Title - How to change the title of a document in REMO without uploading a new document 
  • Amendments - How to create and submit an amendment application
  • How to Print Approval Letters How to print your study approval letter in IE, Chrome, Firefox (pdf)