REB 1: Research that primarily involves in-person interviews, focus groups, ethnographies, or community engagement and instructor-led course-based research assignments.

This Board addresses all research with emergent, idiographic, or inductive designs where on-going communication and relationship building between the investigators and their participants, and the investigators and the Board is necessary. This Board also reviews applications where special social, cultural, and/or relationship circumstances are present that have ethical implications. Such research might include (but is not limited to) in-person interviews, focus groups, participant action research, ethnographies, auto-ethnographies, and collaborative research with strong community involvement. This board might also review proposals involving vulnerable or protected populations, or investigators with ongoing relationships with the potential research participants.

Preparing Your Submission

The following guidance document will be useful in helping you prepare and submit a complete application.  

Meeting Dates

All meetings take place in the Research Ethics Office Boardroom (308 Campus Tower).

*Because much of the research submitted to REB 1 is minimal risk, the board has some flexibility as to when applications must be received.

  • Applications deemed to be minimal risk will be sent for delegated review as they are received.
  • Applications deemed greater than minimal risk and requiring full board review will be reviewed at the next available meeting. Researchers should aim to submit their applications  approximately 2 weeks prior to the meeting date for applications which they suspect, or know, will require full board review.

Members of the Board, who are named as Investigators in research studies, do not participate in discussions related to, nor vote on, such studies when they are presented to the committee.