Grant Assist Program

Bridge Funding

The Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences) offered bridge funding for CIHR applications missing the funding from January 2011 to July 2016.

We are grateful to Alberta Innovates Health Solutions, the Office of the Provost, Women & Children's Health Research Institute and the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry who provided funding for the bridge awards. WCHRI is provided core funding from the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation & the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.

The Women & Children's Health Research Institute and Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry independently bridged Fall 2017 Project applications missing the funding cut-off at CIHR, and these awards are not included in the summary below.

Currently, we are not certain whether this support will continue.

Source of Funds Funding Expended
BRIDGE n=69  
Alberta Innovates $1,940,000
University of Alberta $419,477
Women & Children's Health Research Institute $540,000
TOTAL Expended $2,899,477
Resulting CIHR Awards $23,282,229
Resultying NSERC Awards $572,000
Resulting Other Awards $3,653,299
TOTAL Awarded $27,507,528
Return on Investment 9.49*

*The return on investment will continue to increase slightly as individuals who are bridged continue to apply (n=15).