Grant Assist Program

New Frontiers in Research Fund

Internal Review Process

NOI - Please refer to the Top Ten Tips sheet for assistance on completing the NOI.

LOI Are you submitting an LOI to the NFRF?

Join us on August 16, 2019, at 10AM – 12AM to learn how your applications will be evaluated; hear what evaluators will be looking for in your submissions; and receive tips on how to prepare an outstanding application. Please register here!

Are you looking for feedback on your LOI?

The Grant Assist Program is arranging internal reviews of LOIs being submitted to the New Frontiers Research Fund (NFRF) - 2019 Exploration Competition.

To be considered, you must email your complete and near polished by Monday, August 19th, at 10 am to We understand that the timelines are very short, however please note that our internal reviewers will provide written feedback by Friday, August 23rd. Thus giving applicants sufficient time to complete their edits before the RSO deadline (August 27th)

Instructions for Receiving Internal Reviews

  1. Ensure the LOI follows NFRF instructions on preparing attachments (note no personal identifying information should be included in the headers and/or footers, however, NPIs and/or co-PIs, co-applicants should be identified in the email).
  2. LOIs cannot exceed the page limits (max 4 pages plus 1 page of references).
  3. Email complete and near polished LOI to by Monday August 19th, at 10 am.

Additional Information

We have gathered reviewers from across campus. The reviewers have experience with Tri-Council review committees, have adjudicated the past NFRF competition, or are past award recipients. Attempt will be made to assign LOIs to reviewers who have knowledge in the subject area. Reviewers may not be experts in your area. Therefore, it is important that the LOI should "be understood by a multidisciplinary committee", while at the same time being "more technical than the summary of the proposal provided at the NOI stage".

If you object your LOI to be read by any particular UofA reviewer, please provide that individual's name in the email, and we will comply with your request.