A strong proposal is a clearly articulated and polished document. Because adjudicators read many applications (some will read 100+), it is critical that your proposal:

  • captures the readers' interest,
  • can be read and understood well after one reading,
  • is written in language accessible to an academic peer who may not be an "insider" in your field, and
  • is convincing.

Professional editing may enhance the presentation and coherence of your proposal.


There are three professional editors available to continuing faculty who are applying for SSHRC and other social sciences/humanities external grants. Faculty are encouraged to submit key sections of the proposal, such as the summary and detailed description, for editing, and may wish to include other relevant sections of the application.

The professional editors are a shared resource of the Grant Assist Program for social sciences and humanities grant applicants. Consequently, requests for editing services will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Generally, the sooner you can submit your documents to an editor, the better. Last-minute requests are rarely accommodated.

Normally, 10 hours of editing will be provided at no cost. During periods of high volume, 8 hours of editing will be funded by the Grant Assist Program. If during these times the applicant approves of additional editing, the applicant will be responsible for the additional cost of editing at rates specified by the editor (most range from $50 - $100/hr). In such cases, payment is made directly to the editor. There may be additional fees for an editor to work over a weekend or for rush requests. Editing requests must be submitted more than 7 working days in advance of the requested completion date.

How to Request Editing Services

Editing requests should be submitted at least 7 working days in advance of the requested completion date. Estimated turnaround time for professional editing is approximately one week, depending on the page length, the degree of support needed, and the volume of applications submitted to the editor at the time. Applicants are encouraged to take advantage of editing services well in advance of competition deadlines.

PLEASE NOTE: Proposals cannot be accepted for editing within 10 days prior to faculties' internal deadlines for SSHRC and other applications. This is to ensure proposals can be thoroughly edited and returned in sufficient time to allow the applicant to incorporate feedback. Please check the deadlines page and confirm internal faculty deadlines with your Research Facilitator.

To submit an application for editing, please contact Dr. Heather Young-Leslie, Director of the Social Sciences and Humanities Grant Assist Program. Please specify the portions of the application you want edited, and the date you need it back. IF your request is granted, you will be introduced to an editor. Plan to submit your documents to the editor in Word format.