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Grant Assist Program Peer Review


Peer Review is available to full-time faculty applying as Principal Investigators for the following SSHRC funding competitions:

  • Insight Development Grant
  • Insight Grant
  • Partnership Development Grant
  • Partnership Grant Stage 1
  • Partnership Grant Stage 2

Social sciences and humanities researchers applying as principal investigators to other external funding agencies are encouraged to contact the Grant Assist Program for possible peer review of their applications.  

Please check the Deadlines page for peer review requests and submission dates for each competition.

Peer review  matching for the IDG 2020 applications is in process.  Be ready to share documents with your peer reviewer by Dec 19, 2019. 

IDG 2020: Request Deadline is December 3, NOON.  Peer review requests for the PG2, IG and PDG will open in August 2020. 

If you have missed the deadline for a review by a member of the Academy of Reviewers, you may be able to  receive a 'last chance review'.  See below. 

Scroll below for details of the review and submission process

If you have trouble with the request form, check that you are logged in with your UAlberta CCID. IF you are still having a problem, please send an email to the Grant Assist Program by the required deadline, with the subject heading "Peer Review Request" and including the following information (it is preferable that you copy & paste the questions below into the body of an email, and then intersperse your answers):

  1. Surname, first name
  2. Department (no acronyms please)
  3. Telephone (departmental number or cell phone, if no office line)
  4. Scholar type (Emerging / Established; check the SSHRC definitions if you are not sure)
  5. Working title of your research proposal
  6. Brief abstract indicating the research theme (100 words maximum)
  7. Name of the faculty members who reviewed a previous version of your proposal, if applicable
  8. Required: suggestions for at least two senior faculty members (in any department) who you think would provide valuable feedback on the area of your proposed research. Three names would be better. You do not need to confer with, or even know, the people you are suggesting.
  9. SSHRC Research Group most appropriate for evaluating your proposal (you must specify one of: Group 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. If you don't know which group covers your discipline, check in the Resource Bank)
  10. Indicate if the proposed research will fit SSHRC's Aboriginal Research or Research-Creation definitions
  11. Si votre proposition est en français
  12. If there is anyone at UofA who should not review your proposal (eg: a co-applicant, ex-spouse...)

Submission information and timeline For Peer Review and IDG Proposal Submission (2019)

Dec 3, 2019, noon: Deadline for registration/request participation in Peer Review. Normally, you will be informed of your matches by Dec 16.
Dec 19, 2019, noon: Deadline for submission of document (in a single pdf) to the Peer Reviewer(s). you have been matched with.
Jan 11, 2020, 3 pm: Date by which the peer reviewers' feedback should be returned to you, and you arrange to meet your peer reviewer(s) and buy them a coffee.

Submission for peer review:

You should plan to submit the 'preview' document generated by the SSHRC IDG portal, along with the documents you intend to attach (ie Detailed Description, Timeline), as a single pdf. Fill in as much of the IDG application form's fields as possible. If the SSHRC 'preview' does not include your Web CV, you will have to include that as well. Compile all of the documents into a single pdf document, labelled "IDG-yourSurname-2019" (If you don't have software to compile files into a single pdf, there are several online freeware that you can use). Recognize that you will be modifying the draft in the SSHRC portal after receiving the peer reviewers' feedback. Providing the peer reviewers with your draft in the same format that it will appear to the SSHRC adjudicators will allow them to read your application's content in proper context, which will enable them to emulate the SSHRC process as closely as possible. This will improve the quality of their feedback to you. Please note that with any SSHRC application attached pages are to be in Times New Roman 12 pt (or equivalent) font with 2 cm margins. Do not compress the line heights or the fonts spacing.

Minimally, you should provide your peer reviewers with:

  1. Summary of Proposal
  2. Timeline [1 page; Gantt chart will suffice, but you may use any format]
  3. Funds Requested from SSHRC [Max: $75K over 2 years. Budget includes costs for personnel, research travel & subsistence, knowledge mobilization; justifications are typed into the form]
  4. Detailed Description including literature review and methodology.
  5. Roles & Training of Students
  6. Research Team [PI's and any Co-Apps or Collaborators' roles and past contributions, including relevant previous outputs or talent development]
  7. Knowledge Mobilization Plan
  8. Expected Outcomes / Scholarly Benefits, Social Benefits
  9. Revisions since previous application [if applicable]
  10. Research-Creation support material, if applicable 

Other documents, if ready, to be included: 

  1. CCV
  2. Established Scholars' description of new research direction.
  3. Funds from Other Sources 
  4. References Cited
  5. If applicable, indicate if:
  6. Research-Creation support materials or link [1 page, max]. 

* Please be ready to send as complete an application as you can, on time. The peer reviewers are volunteering their time, and we try to respect their own needs for scheduling their workload. You will be asked to submit your application as a single document (PDF), according to the instructions provided at time of registration for peer review.

Jan 27, 2020, 10amRSO submission deadline. Your Associate Dean of Research will want to read as well as sign your proposal and the Research Services Office must review all applications before supplying the institutional signature and permitting submission of your application to SSHRC. Please confer with your Chair, regarding departmental deadlines.

Feb 2, 2020, 6pm (mountain time): SSHRC's deadline. There is NOTHING saying you can't submit earlier, and lots of reasons to do so (including overloaded servers in Ottawa). 

Last Chance Review

If you missed the deadline to participate in the peer review, there may still be time to have your grant reviewed by a peer in the Grant Assist Program. Please contact Dr. Heather Young-Leslie to make the request.