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Cost of Living Estimate

 Single Adult

Two Adults, One Child*  

 Monthly  Annually (September to August)   Monthly    Annually (September to August)  
Housing $900 - $1,200 (one bedroom)
  $10,800 - $14,400   $1,400 - $2,000 (3-bedroom house)   $16,800 - $24,000
Utilities  $240 - $450   $2,880 - $5,400   $240 - $450   $2,880 - $5,400
Internet & mobile phone  $170   $2,040   $240   $2,880
Food $200 - $300
  $2,400 - $3,600   $550 - $650   $6,600 - $7,800
Clothing   -   $500 + $200 for winter clothing  -  $1,500 + $600 for winter clothing
Transportation (Bus) ETS Transit Fares      
Child Care and School Fees  -  -    $1,000   $12,000
Recreation** $75  $900   $200   $2,400

~Adapted from the UAlberta FGSR~

Cost of Living Estimate
This estimate is a guideline. Living costs vary greatly based on the type of accommodation, whether you are sharing accommodation with roommates, and your overall standard of living. All figures are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

On campus and off campus accommodation options.

UAlberta is home to Canada’s second-largest research library. Our collection exceeds 4.7 million titles and over 8.7 million volumes. We provide access to over 1.3 million e-books, over 1,700 databases, and maintain more than 40,000 items in our Education and Research Archive.

Fitness and recreation facilities**
UAlberta is home to a wide range of fitness facilities, that Postdocs can access at no cost if they are “employees” or at reduced rates if they are “trainees” or “guests” 

Our Edmonton facilities span two campuses, covering over 400,000 square feet of facility floor space in 37 sport facilities including: an ice arena, multiple gymnasiums, curling rinks, tennis courts, two pools, indoor and outdoor track and field facilities, turf and grass fields, squash and racquet courts, dance studios and a brand new fitness centre and climbing centre. Visit the links below for more details on these facilities. 

develop nurturing environments that support early childhood development
increase Albertans’ confidence in parenting skills
improve parents’ awareness of community and parenting resources
help parents cope with everyday stress
enhance connections with other parents and caregivers
strengthen a sense of belonging in the community
decrease the isolation new parents may sometimes feel

North and South campus facilities

Augustana facilities

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Additional Support Resources
Multi-Faith Prayer and Meditation Spaces offers spaces on campus for this purpose
Faith Directory provides connections to on-campus chaplains 
The Landing is a non-profit service at the University of Alberta that offers support for gender and sexual diversity for all members of the campus community 
Wellness Workshops are open to all of campus and focus on dealing with stress, anxiety, grief, self-compassion and more
UAPS Community Liaison Officer is available to address any sexual orientation and gender identity questions or concerns related to the safety and security of those in the University of Alberta community.
All Gender Washrooms can be located online on the campus map by selecting all gender washrooms 

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