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UAlberta provides many career and professional development supports and services to our campus community. The following is a list of resources, programs and workshops that maybe of interest to postdocs. Please visit each website for more detailed descriptions and registration information.

1. UAlberta Career Centre
Our postdoctoral fellows programs, services, and events are specifically designed to help you improve your career management skills and explore opportunities both in and outside of academia. Visit the Career Centre site.
Career Centre Brochure


2.Individual Development Plan

An individual development plan (IDP) helps you explore career possibilities and set goals to follow the career path that fits you best. This IDP was created with postdoctoral fellows in mind and has a "goals and planning" section to discuss with your supervisor, as well as a "progress report" section to get feedback from your supervisor upon completion of your fellowship.

Other resources:

myIDP is a free online IDP that may be of interest to the science disciplines.
Imagine PhD is a free online IDP created for PhDs in the social sciences/humanities.


3. eHubentrepreneurs wanted

Entrepreneurship @ UAlberta provides resources, support, mentorship, networking opportunities, and funding. When you join eHUB, you gain access to a vibrant entrepreneurial community and the opportunity to explore your ideas and become an entrepreneurial thinker. Located in Hub Mall, eHub offers space for prospective entrepreneurs to work, collaborate, and connect with others. Visit eHub for more information.

4. UofA Postdoctoral Fellows Professional Development
Join this Facebook group to learn about events, resources, and news items that relate to postdocs and professional development.


5. Professional Development Service Providers

How can you build up your skills during your postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Alberta? There are many resources on campus that can help you increase your career readiness, keep wellness in your life, empower you to promote your research and develop your teaching skills


Resources on Campus


6. Resources from special events

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