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Entrepreneurship Training

Campus Related

TEC Edmonton 

  • Host numerous workshops and will help take an idea from the table to market.  
  • Lab2Biz Workshop - Want to explore entrepreneurship as a career path?
    Join TEC Edmonton 3 hour free session as they explore all aspects of an entrepreneur’s journey from campus to company. In this workshop you will cover:

    1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship - what entrepreneurship is and how to make the leap to business owner
    2. Intellectual Property - learn what you need to protect and how to do it
    3. Go to Market - developing a strategy to ensure a successful launch
    4. Funding and Financing - how to secure capital to grow your business
    5. Closing panel discussion with Entrepreneurs who have been through the process


  • Has an entrepreneurship program with TEC Edmonton
  • Accelerate and Elevate fellowships with industry
  • Eric Loo is the contact person ( ).

Venture Mentoring Service

  • University of Alberta’s Venture Mentoring Service (UAlberta VMS) works to develop, inspire and empower our alumni entrepreneurs by engaging them with teams of experienced Mentors.
    Our mentors provide wise counsel to help VMS entrepreneurs better navigate through challenges.


Off Campus

Anderson Career Training Institute

  • This program is fully funded by the Government of Alberta for people who are unemployed, have never owned a business before, and are committed to starting their own business right now. There is NO COST for you to attend this program. The program features 10 weeks of classroom training followed by 16 weeks of coaching and support as your get your business up and running.

Start Up Edmonton

  • Host monthly meeting and have held a Edmonton Startup Week (October)
  • Business Model 101 session - In this hands-on workshop, we’ll use our favourite tool to map out nine key considerations for your business, product or project idea. By the end of the session, you’ll have clear next steps on how to move your idea forward.
  • Democamp – Chance to ‘sell’ your product to an audience.

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Rainforest Edmonton

  • One of the major ways the Rainforest engages with the Edmonton entrepreneurial community is through events.
    Open to people who are interested in starting a business as well as experienced entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur’s Organization Edmonton Chapter

  • Offers opportunities for training in entrepreneurship and growing a business.