Postdoctoral Office

Pay and Benefits


The University of Alberta postdoc stipend effective September 1, 2017 is $37,795.86.

As of November 1, 2017,  the majority of postdoctoral fellows are considered UAlberta employees, and as such contribute to the Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance (EI). 

EI, CPP  and WCB rates change annually, please see the 2019 rates

2019 EI, CPP and WCB Calculator (will download or open as a Google Spreadsheet)

More details regarding the Postdoctoral Fellows change of status to employees.

Postdocs are paid on a semi-monthly basis (twice per month). The postdoc office requires payroll documentation at least one business day prior to Central HR's Semi-Monthly Payroll Deadlines



Changes to appointment scenarios


Supplemental Benefits – additional health and dental benefits for some hospital, medical and dental care expenses not covered by Alberta Health Care (eg, prescription drugs, ambulance costs). Your department/faculty is responsible for covering supplement benefits.

Provincial Health coverage - The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan is a government-administered health plan for medically necessary hospital and health care services.

University of Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan - If you are not eligible for Alberta Health Care, then you must enroll in the University of Alberta Health Insurance Plan (UAHIP). UAHIP covers international students, employees, and their families who are residing in Alberta for less than 12 months.
UAHIP is administered by Cowan Insurance through a contract with the UAlberta. For more information, view this brochure.

Postdoctoral Fellows Assistance Program - provides total confidential, professional counselling for a broad range of personal and family problems.

Parental leave - UAlberta does not have a parental leave provision for postdocs. Some funding agencies will provide supplements for parental leaves. Postdocs and supervisors should refer to the funder regulations for details. You may also be eligible to apply for Employment Insurance Maternity and Parental Benefits.