Postdoctoral Office

Supplemental Benefits

This supplemental health plan (provided through Great-West Life Assurance Company) provides assistance for some hospital, medical and dental care expenses which are not covered by Alberta Health Care (eg, prescription drugs, ambulance costs).

For complete details please refer to the Great-West Life Benefits Booklet.

The benefits are paid for by your faculty member or department and are effective the first day of the month following your appointment date (eg if appointed January 15, benefits become effective February 1).

The current annual cost of the postdoc supplemental benefits is $700.08 for single coverage; or $2 027.88 for family coverage.

In addition; the PDFAP (Postdoctoral Fellows Assistance Program) is $8.26 per month and the cost of WCB (Workers Compensation Board) is $0.21 per $100 of the stipend based upon the annual stipend.


Enrolling in the Plan

The Postdoctoral Fellows Office automatically sets up all postdocs with single coverage.

If you require family coverage, please fill out the Great-West Life Change form in sections one, five and sign in section eleven and send the form to

If you are voluntarily opting out of the Great-West Life Supplemental Benefits plan please complete the Great-West Life Group Coverage Change From in sections one, three and sign in section eleven and send the form to

In approximately 6-8 weeks, the PDF Office will send (to your department) your GWL Benefit Card. This card will include your identification number, policy number, and division number. You will need to provide this information when completing either the Healthcare claim form or the Dental Claim form.

Please note; the first claim for yourself and each of your dependents may need to be done via a hard copy claim form and mailed to Great-West Life directly

To Make a Claim

Please note: your first claim for yourself and for your dependent(s) must be a hard copy claim form that needs to be mailed to Great-West Life.
You will need to know the Plan Name - University of Alberta, Postdoctoral FellowsPlan Number - 155419 and the Group Number - 1, as well as your Plan Member ID - your seven digit UAlberta ID Number (not your CCID)

For a paper claim, please fill out the Great-West Life Health Claim form or the Great-West Life Dental Claim form and submit it to :

Winnipeg Health and Dental Claims Centre
P.O. Box 3050
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0E6

For an online claim sign up at and have the following information ready: Plan Number - 155419 and the Group Number - 1, as well as your Plan Member ID - your seven digit UAlberta ID Number (not your CCID)