15 things to do in residence while social distancing

covid-19-social-distancing-city-580x400.pngThere has been a lot of talk online the past few days about individuals practicing social distancing to limit and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Below are some ideas for programs and activities to keep you and your community happy and healthy over the next few weeks

1. Have a Hangouts/Zoom/Skype session

(... Or Facetime, or Messenger… really any online tool you might be most familiar with!)

This could be an online study session or an opportunity to host an online dinner party.

2. Have small study group sessions to keep motivated

Let's face it: It can be particularly hard to focus on schoolwork with so much going on around us. Keep each other motivated by studying with roommates or floormates while practicing good hand-washing and personal hygiene.

3. Travel the world with friends... virtually at least!

There are a ton of cool online platforms you can use right now to connect to your global community. This includes:

4. Challenge your friends to reading or movie challenges

There are a ton of neat challenges online, but here are a few of our favourites:

5. Learn a new skill

Check out tutorials on Youtube or even look at free online courses! There are tons of free MOOC courses available to you, including two at the University of Alberta: Indigenous Canada and Mountains 101. There are also some Ivy League Courses being offered online for free for folks who want to take on an extra challenge.

6. What about learning a new language?

This can also be a great activity to take on with friends over voice chat! Duolingo is an easy way to get started.

7. Be in nature

It gets you outside and allows you to keep distance from others. Our residences are located right next door to the beautiful River Valley. Find an area where you won't encounter crowds and breathe in the fresh air.

8. Keep your body and mind well

Check out free yoga and meditation apps like as Headspace, tenpercent.com and downdog.

9. Deep clean your residence unit

Now might be as good a time as any go through items you may want to donate to Eco Move Out afterwards.

10. Speaking of time—how about those things you never have time for?

Sort and tag your digital photos, create the perfect playlist, organize files on your Google drive or computer or delete the apps on your phone you know longer use. Bonus if you find some new apps to download.

11. Challenge your friends to a Tik Tok Dance Challenge.

Know anyone who can do all 19 dances? Share your videos with the #UABresidencesand show us your moves!

12. Send your friends on a Wikipedia scavenger hunt!

Give them a starting page and an end page that they can find by clicking on articles under the “See Also” tab. For instance, can you make it from pineapples to National Doughnut Day?

13. Don’t just have a regular movie night

Have a TedX inspired movie night to uplift your heart. Consider some of our favourites here:

14. Keep in the loop with all the current drama and TV show gossip

Watch videos online with friends in real time using WatchTogether.

15. Do something for your community

Help those around you feel happy and cared for. Consider making a stellar playlist for a friend, write them a thoughtful ecard or email, or sending them a video or photo you think will make them smile. A good way to show someone you care is simply by checking in with them. :)