8 Expedition:Connect clubs you need to check out

Akanksha Yeola - 12 March 2021

Our residence staff has introduced us to yet another fun and engaging virtual platform where we can connect, engage with and motivate our fellow residents in their efforts to pursue your passions and goals.

Join as many clubs as you like and learn more about your favourite activities—and connect with others who enjoy them! These Discord communities are safe and moderated by residence staff, so feel free to introduce yourself and talk about things you love, enjoy and wish to learn in this community. After the successful launch of these communities, virtual Residence Assistants have been engaging over 240 community members in various activities!

If you are a fitness enthusiast like myself, you would love the Fitness Club which includes sub-channels like yoga, stretching, cardio and more. The community members not only share their thoughts but also invite other members to become their accountability partners in their fitness journey! Super cool, right?

I recently started a 30 day yoga challenge (Yoga with Adriene) and found an accountability partner in this community! She pushes me to stay consistent and positive. I am glad that I could make friends even during such challenging times.

  • 👨🏻‍🎤 🤖 Anime Club
    Talk about your favourite manga or anime (or pick up a new one!) and chat about Japanese culture!
  • 🎹 🎶 Music Club
    Share your playlists, talk about new artists and also if you play certain instruments you are welcome to schedule calls where you can practice together!
  • 🎨 🧶 Arts & Creativity
    Let that artist in you show off all the cool stuff you are up to—be it painting, origami, sketching, photography or drawing!
  • 🤤 🍲 Food Club
    Share your favourite recipes or talk about the best local restaurants you have ordered from! If you are a foodie like me, this place is for you :)
  • 🎲 🎮 Games Club
    All those video games and board games that you have been diving deep into (yes, those!) can be discussed here! Find your next player and get introduced to new games!
  • 🏐 🏒 Sports Club
    Any hockey fans in the house? How about some soccer? Or March madness? Discuss it all here!
  • 🎥 🍿 Streaming Club
    Grab your popcorn, your favourite blanket and get cozy to watch some amazing movies with your fellow residents by scheduling a movie or TV show night with just a few clicks!
If this sounds exciting, it’s not too late to join us in these clubs! Head over to the links attached above and explore new activities while meeting new friends virtually.