8 Lister lounges you NEED to check out

Tenaye Yun - 09 September 2021

Lister is a confusing place for people. Between the nicknames, acronyms and the dodgeball obsession, understanding Lister culture and lingo can be tricky. However, finding the perfect lounge, one that a) matches your energy, b) is close to your room and c) is accessible without going outside, should not be.

After reading this handy guide, you will be an expert when it comes to navigating the world of Lister lounges.

Mary Schäffer Hall


Red and green lounges

My experience in Schäffer is that my unit can sometimes get pretty warm. The lounges, however, are often a comfortable temperature, especially the green and red lounges, which are on most Schäffer floors.

If you ever need a place to hang out with a couple of friends after dinner or a vibrant room to study in during the day, I highly recommend these lounges. Not only is the view fantastic, but the lounges are also chock full of a variety of seating. Beware, RAs usually live just across from these lounges, so make sure you watch the noise level.


Yellow lounges

The yellow Schäffer lounges are harder to find and way less popular, making them the perfect study spots.

  • Pros: Fairly sizable rooms with awesome views of campus and lots of natural lighting
  • Cons: Super easy to accidentally walk past because it can be mistaken for a room
Final Thoughts: A great alternative to your room and an excellent place to hang out (quietly) and to study.

Renewed Classic Towers


Elevator lounges

The Classic Lister Elevator lounges, as the name implies, are in the renewed Classic Lister Halls, just as you step out of the elevators. They’re in the central convergence point between all three wings. This is a high-traffic area so it's an excellent place to catch friends entering or leaving the floor.

Looking for more seating space? There is a larger lounge just steps away from the elevators with massive couches and a kitchenette. Who doesn’t love a kitchenette?


Study rooms

Just off to the sides of the Classic Lister Elevator lounges are quiet study rooms with some cool features. Firstly, they're super close to the elevators and rooms so if you ever need to pop out and grab something, you can do so at breakneck speed. Secondly, they have glass walls and doors which I think is an excellent design choice. After these past few months, it’s great to see people again, but if you are looking for your own space, the glass does an excellent job at providing that. If you are looking for quiet spaces that don't feel isolated, Classic Lister lounges are for you.

Thelma Chalifoux Hall


Study rooms

I think these are by far my favourite. Featuring funky furniture, plenty of desk space and stunning views of the outdoors, Chalifoux Study Rooms are a great place to be if you are looking for a peaceful and quiet workspace.

Located in the middle of each pod, these rooms are just steps away from the bathrooms and water fountain. The plentiful seating also guarantees space for all who wish to use them.


Kitchenette lounges

Directly across from the Chalifoux study rooms are the Chalifoux kitchenette lounges. These are just like the study lounges in the sense that they are centrally located and have awesome furniture and great views of the outdoors.

Whether you are looking to place a game of cards at the round tables, or wanting to catch up on your floor’s favourite TV show while curled up on a couch, Chalifoux kitchenette lounges are the place to be.


Elevator lounges

Just in front of the elevators on all Chalifoux floors (including the main Chalifoux pod) are the elevator lounges. This gorgeous seating area acts as a convergence point between the Chalifoux pod and Main Chalifoux, as well as A and B pods.

Filled with comfy couches, a massive TV and more round tables, there is so much to do in and so many people to see in Chalifoux elevator lounges.


Main lounge

This large area is at the base of Thelma Chalifoux Hall. You need to check this place out because there are so many unique features here. Starting off, there’s a massive and beautiful demonstration kitchen which I cannot wait to see used (ask your RA to book the space during programming). If cooking in front of an audience is not your thing, perhaps sports is. With a ping pong and air hockey table, there are activities here for everyone. If you are someone who prefers to watch, they have rows of colorful stadium-style seating. With tons of natural lighting and cool views of the other towers, there is so much Main Chalifoux has to offer.