A special kind of love

Andre Bonfiglio Compean - 12 February 2021

What is love?

I have been trying to answer this question my entire life and I have come to realize there is no simple answer. Love is different in every relationship because love means something different to each one of us.

In residence, we see a very special kind of love—a heartwarming love that makes us all smile and feel supported. I feel it every time I walk by the front desk and greet the staff and every day in the cafeteria while chatting with the workers. I feel it in every team and floor meeting when we joke around and laugh.

Love is not something you define. It is something you feel. And as we all know, feelings cannot really be defined. That is what makes love so hard to understand when you're standing outside. Here in Lister, we know what our love as a community is like.

Strangers probably don't get it but I can tell you that they'd lucky to have it! Who would not love to have such a big family of your choice that cares, supports and laughs by your side every day?

Soon enough, it will be Valentine’s Day, and many people will be out there celebrating love. We will be too—but unlike in other places, we celebrate love every day in Lister. Our way of life is the reslife way and even though it's not public, not in our ads or our brands, love is at the very core of our community.

We all love our friends, our co-workers, the staff, the cafeteria, dodgeball and even the fire alarms…When we all leave residence, we will have been lucky to have experienced a unique type of love, and that is why I love residence.

I would not trade my time here for anything. I met great people, fell in love, learned numerous things and grew. The love around residence definitely impacted who I am today and it will impact each one of you, too.

Without residence, I would have never found who I hope is the love of my life. I met her in the cafeteria, saw her walk every hall in Lister, and well… the rest of the story stays with me (at least for now). So I absolutely love this place. Not only do we get the chance to experience the community’s love—we also get the chance to feel it and to meet people who will also grow around it for the time they are here.

And who knows? Maybe you will also encounter that person who gives you a reason to wake up with a smile every morning. :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!