Accept your okay days

Lula Adam - 05 February 2021

2020 sucked for some of us—it was okay for some and for yet others it was a devastating year. Who would have thought that we would be going through a global pandemic and be stuck in our dorms and homes? Not to mention the many other things happening around the world and in our communities. (I won’t list them since I would like you to continue reading.)

2021 started and it's been a struggle to make resolutions. We want to get fit, but can we go to the gym? We want to be social, but distanced? We are all trying to figure out how to be well when 2020 made us focus on what we couldn’t do—and it drained us.

But we are here right now! We are still moving forward as much as we can individually and as a community. And that is a win!

2020 was a challenge, but here's how we made it work:

We became virtually creative. Zoom became our link to friends and classmates… Discord, our Res lounges and our meet-up groups… CCR virtual classes or Youtube our gyms… It wasn’t and isn’t easy, but we keep moving forward.

We flexed that resiliency muscle. For some of us, it's our first time needing to do that, while others are tired of using it. But we are here and we keep moving.

What can we bring to 2021?

We need a combination of optimism and realism with a dash of flexibility and adaptability. Shifting our focus to what we can do instead of what we cannot can help us along the way.

Take it week by week, day by day or hour by hour. We take charge of our wellness by moving forward by doing as little or as much as we can for our wellbeing. Ask yourself: What is something that can help me move towards being well? If you find it too hard, ask for help. Asking for help is moving forward, too.

Our wellness (physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectually, financial, sexual...) is not a constant thing. We'll have good days, okay days and not so good days.

Here's one way to start: First, figure out what wellness looks like for you on an individual level. Then, learn how to enjoy and savour the good days, accept the okay days and find ways to navigate the not so good days.

To help you along your wellness journey, you can reach out to your RA/RC or Health and Wellness Support Services.

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