Be your own bae

Mikyla Tak - 05 February 2021

This Valentine’s we are doing BYOB (be your own bae)!

Self love can be hard when we feel busy, lonely, or sad. Everyone has heard that you can’t love others until you love yourself. Though it may sound cliché, it really is true. I know that I am a better partner, friend, daughter, colleague when my own love bucket is full. Practicing self love is about being gentle with yourself, being proud of accomplishments and recognizing your own awesomeness. Here are 10 tips I have for practicing self love:

1. Celebrate your wins no matter how big or small

Every win is a win worth celebrating!

2. Follow your passion

A passion can be something that excites you and scares you at the same time! Show yourself that you can make a difference, face your fears and do great. There are so many great groups that residents have access to this year through Expedition: Connect!

3. Show your creativity...

Creativity can be expressed in so many ways. Dancing, painting, cooking, music, whatever makes you stop and think, “Dang, this is pretty cool”. Most importantly make sure you leave your inner critic at the door. There are no right ways to be creative. If there is a program you are interested in running in residence, check out the REAL fund!

4. ... and don’t believe everything you think

There is an inner critic inside of us trying to keep little and in our comfort zone. If we listen to this inner critic's voice too much, we might not get to experience life to the fullest.

5. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new

It’s incredible the feeling we get when we realize we have achieved something we didn’t know or think we could do before. Check out one of the new clubs on Expedition: Connect via Discord.

6. Embrace and love the things that make you different

This is what makes you special.

7. Be gentle with yourself

Be patient. Be persistent. Self love is ever evolving. Like they always say practice makes perfect! Keep at that self love folks.

8. Treat others with love and respect

Did you know that we feel better about ourselves when we treat other people well?

9. Reflect on your needs and wants

By focusing on my needs, I get to practice gratitude and then I feel fulfilled. Sometimes focusing too much on wants, can keep you stuck in the past, or longing for unattainable things which both will lessen your self love.

10. Be intentional about the people in your life

Bring the right people into your life. You know those people who make you feel happy, supported, respected and willing to have a dance party at any time? Yeah, those people!