Change up your space

Parul Kanwar - 05 February 2021

I don’t need to tell you twice that you've been spending too much time in your room. We all have. We study here, we eat here and we sleep here—and if you're anything like me, the same space can get a little stifling after a while. So I wanted to share cost-effective ideas to change up your space, make it look different from the last semester and give you a fresh start to a new semester.

Let’s talk study space.

Unfortunately, our access to libraries and café spots is limited this year. But, if you create an inviting work area, it can make studying feel less troublesome. Get motivated to study with these easy ways to step up your desk decor game.

  • Pen holder
    I know everything is online but if you have any textbooks, get yourself a pen holder to place your pens and highlighter in. This can be anything from a mug from home to a pen stand from Dollar Store to bougee Indigo versions.
  • Flowers or plants
    Maybe refresh your space with some friends that are allowed inside: plants (both real and fake, whatever floats your boat). Plants can make your space feel more alive, bright and homey if that is your vibe. You could get a cactus if you want something low maintenance or a spider plant or fun versions from Ikea.
  • A lamp
    If you have not yet, it might be time to invest in a sturdy lamp. With short days and long nights, a yellow light might be just what you need to get motivated and stay that way!

What about your best bed space?

Sleep is a fickle thing, because if your bed space is too comfortable then that can be treacherous, if it is not, you will be forever restless and tired and we can’t have that! Depending on what you like best, try to make your bed to feel warm and cozy since it is the biggest part of your room.

  • Pillows! Pillows! Pillows!
    Pillows are great! They make good stands for laptops when you’re in the mood to take your notes in bed. Plus, they are fluffy and cosy. You can add different colours, pictures and fuzz, H&M and Ikea are some cheap places to head to.
  • Blankets
    We’re in Alberta. I say we stock up on blankets. They are warm and you’ll want to add a cool, colourful or fuzzy blanket over all your problems and they are a great company during finals!
  • Move the Furniture
    Try moving your bed to different spaces. Maybe push it up against the windows or next to the study table. It is your space and it’s yours to shake it up.

Don’t forget the walls!

Maybe you have already decked your dorm or your walls are still empty. There is always a teeny-tiny more space to get creative and truly personalize it! You can add photos of your family, friends, things you did last semester or even something general like stock photos of dogs!

  • A corkboard
    This is very practical and can look fun as well. If you are in a furnished dorm, chances are, you already have one of these! Stay on top of homework by sticking important To-Dos on your board, and then add some photos and great quotes to liven it up.
  • Lighting
    Hang some string lights on your wall to create a warm atmosphere in your dorm. This will also give your room a nice boho style.
  • Photos
    You can display your favorite photos and everything you care about up on your walls . A few ways to do showcase them is with a photo gallery wall, leaning them against the wall on a mantel, placing a frame on your bedside table, hanging them on a cord or simply by hanging them sporadically around your dorm.

At the end of the day, it is your room—so do what make you happy!