Disconnect this summer

game-over.pngWith a push for physical distancing in efforts to help flatten the curve, we’ve seen much of our lives move online. Video hangouts with friends. Remote learning. Lots of Netflix. But taking some time to be disconnected from technology can have significant health benefits as well.

Check out our top things to do... offline!

Do some spring cleaning

Take this time to sort out your closet and residence unit to clean out the old and make room for something new.

Try doing a puzzle

Puzzles come in all shapes and difficulty levels. For an even bigger challenge, try a 3D puzzle.

Go for a physically distanced walk

Enjoy the warmer weather we are starting to have and soak up the sunshine while exploring outside.

Get lost in Edmonton

Discover new places where you have never been or go on photo safari around the city.

Write in a journal

Get the creative juices flowing by documenting the totally unprecedented time we find ourselves in. Years from now, you’ll be thankful you kept a record of what life was like!

Plant something

Edmonton is looking a lot greener! Why not do the same in your residence room? Check out these recommended low-maintenance plants.

Try a new recipe

You don’t need to be a professional to spend a little bit more time in the kitchen. Ask your friends or family to share their favourite recipes and try them out! Not only may you discover a new favourite go-to snack or meal but you’ll feel closer to those you love, too.


There are still a ton of organizations in the city who need volunteers, either in-person or virtually, to help make their programs run. If you are finding yourself with a little bit of extra time to give, why not look into how you can help and engage with your community?

Get your art game on

Art can be an intimidating word for those of us who don’t usually call ourselves “creative”. However, now can be the perfect time to try out or explore different forms of art, everything from clay making, colouring books, drawing, creating with legos and bead-making.

Read something

Disconnect the old fashioned way and lose yourself in a good book. Sure, there are plenty of reading lists and challenges circling online, but this article from the Washington Post is a good reminder that all reading is quarantine reading.