Five's a crowd!

no-guests-and-limit-gatherings-to-5-people.pngYou may have read Residence Services recent email notice and are wondering what it means. You may also be a little scared or annoyed with all the recent changes to residence. We get it.

First off, know that your health and safety is top priority and everything happening is to support social distancing and limit the spread of COVID-19. Second, know that this is a time of a lot of uncertainty and things are changing quickly. More than ever, we all need to be flexible and support our community.

Why aren’t guests allowed to visit residence anymore?

The changes to our guest and in-person gathering policies will limit the potential spread and impact of COVID-19. These policies help encourage social distancing in the residence environment.

We all have a role to play in keeping our communities healthy—and social distancing helps us do that. Learn more from the Alberta government about how to effectively practice social distancing and why it matters.

Guests—including anyone who’s moved out of residence and turned in their key—are currently not permitted in residence and in-person gatherings are limited to five people (excluding dining halls).

We know this sucks! You may already be wondering how you’ll see your partner or your friends, or if you can go to your weekly study group. There is no easy answer other than that these guidelines are in place for your safety.

We also know there is more to taking care of yourself than just your physical health and safety. It also includes your mental wellbeing and ability to connect and seek support from others. If you are looking for ways to stay connected to your peers during this time, please check out the blog post on 15 things to do while practicing social distancing.

I’m moving and need help!

We know that moving (especially right now) can be tough and stressful, but we also want to reduce large congregations of people. Therefore, all residents are allowed up to two helpers while moving.

Social distancing in the dining halls

Residence Services is working closely with Alberta Health Services to keep dining halls safe and healthy to use. This includes increased cleaning, moving furniture to support social distancing, and food being served by meal staff. In order to help us keep our community as healthy as possible, students should still be sitting in groups no larger than five.

What about other common areas like laundry, fitness facilities and community spaces?

Social distancing is all about limiting and avoiding close interactions with large groups of people as much as possible. Unfortunately, this means all community spaces (like lounges, workout rooms and laundry facilities) should not have more than five people in them at one time.

If more than five people are there, save yourself the trouble and come back at a quieter time. This disruption to your daily schedule can help keep you and your community healthy!

We got this

Everything we’ve done so far has helped us keep our community members safe and healthy. Give yourself a pat on the back (that’s still okay, don’t worry) and keep going as best you can. Be sure to reach out for support if you need it. We can get through this together.

If you are looking for more support, there are also a variety of mental health resources still readily available to you, including: