Getting to know... Alison and Trent

trent-and-alison-blog-image.jpgWhat is your name and your position?

Alison: Alison Exner. Supervisor, Residence Life (Lister and South Campus)

Trent: Trent Nabe. Supervisor, Residence Life (East Campus)

2. What is your job in one sentence?

Alison: I spend most of my time in meetings about Lister, Residence Saint-Jean and Michener Park and the students living in those communities.

Trent: I provide oversight and support to those who facilitate the Residence Life program on East Campus (Residence Coordinators, Senior RAs and RAs). I administer the residential conduct system on East Campus.

3. If you had to bring one thing onto a remote island with you, what would it be?

Alison: Definitely something to sleep in/on… perhaps one of those tent hammocks?

Trent: I’m torn between an essential item like an endless supply of water, a mirror or a knife, and what other folks have said about bringing their spouse. Because I cannot live without her, (and for fear that she might read this) I’ll say my spouse, Kayla.

4. What are you currently streaming?

Alison: I just started watching The Morning Show on Apple+. I’ve only seen the first episode but I’ve been impressed so far.

Trent: The Two Popes! I’ve watched it like five times and even though it is fiction, it’s sooo good.

5. Hot Take: Pie Vs Cake

Alison: I love sweets, but I’d choose pumpkin pie over most other desserts.

Trent: Unless it’s Angel Food Cake with cream and berries, I will say pie! Any kind of fruit pie is just the best.

6. What do you love about residence?

Alison: I love the community that is created in residence, and being a part of such an incredible and formative time of life for our residents.

Trent: The reason I work in residence is because I love being involved in the development of our residents and our student staff. My favorite parts about the residence community are the energy and atmosphere, and the four cheese pizza with ricotta in the Dining Hall!