Getting to know... Caitlin!

Caitlin McLeod1. Name and position

Caitlin McLeod, Supervisor Residence Life Education and Leadership

2. What is your job in one sentence?

I oversee all student education and leadership programming within residence and explore (through focus groups, assessment data and research) how we can continue to improve the student experience.

3. What are you currently streaming?

Forensic Files pretty much all the time, or dog-training videos on Youtube—I’m trying to teach my dog to fetch specific toys right now. She’s cute, but it is not going well.

4. Road Trip or Fly?

Road Trip x100! Get a killer playlist and some junk food and you are all set. Bonus if you get to spontaneous pit-stops in new locations along the way.

5. What do you love about residence?

Getting to support the student experience and provide opportunities for students to learn and grow outside of the classroom. University is such an exciting and transformative time, and its pretty amazing to be a small part of that.