Getting to know... Grant

image-of-grant.pngResidence would not function without the work of our amazing people. In this post, meet Grant Culham and learn why he loves working on campus.

1. What is your name and your position?

Grant Culham, Ancillary ISS Technical Systems & Services Lead

2. What is your job in one sentence?

I am the team lead for an IT group that doesn't do computers. We look after a variety of devices from Network connections, HUB lights, ONEcard doors, parking dispensers and cameras, and even hanging signings.

3. If you had to bring one thing onto a remote island with you, what would it be?

Instead of a thing can I bring someone like my wife. Being on a remote island alone is one thing, being together is how you have fun and get through life!

4. What are you currently streaming on Netflix?

Nothing, but I have a long queue of Youtube to watch. Mostly car stuff like MCM or Project Binky but also some techy/nerdy things like Adam Savage’s Tested and all the SciShow channels.

5. Hot Take: Pineapple on Pizza? Yes or no?

All pizza is good pizza. Pineapple, vegetarian, meatlovers. Pizza is better than not-pizza.

6. What do you love about residence?

In the last 18 years of working here (yes, since 2002, and yes as long as some of the first years have been alive), I have come to appreciate the seasonality of it more and more. Fall move-in and ~4000 new faces, middle of the school year busyness, even exams and the "head down focus" of everyone. And then there's move-out and the summer when there's almost no one in the residences and we get to do a bunch of projects and changes for the upcoming year.

There are a lot of places to work that feel the same year round, but on the UofA Campus and in the Residences you will never mistake August for April.