Getting to know... Jenna


1. What is your name and your position?

My name is Jenna Mellish and I am a Shift Lead with Student and Guest Services.

2. What is your job in one sentence?

This is a difficult question to answer as we do a lot more than just one job. To put it briefly, we are an information one stop for students, guests, and employees, and if we can't assist you, we know where to direct your inquiry to.

3. If you had to bring one thing onto a remote island with you, what would it be?

I was originally going to say a book, because being one a remote island and having the peace and quiet to just sit and read sounds amazing. However I'd get bored quickly of the same book so I am going to cheat and bring a Kindle loaded with tons of books to read!

4. What are you currently streaming on Netflix?

I always have more than one show on the go, right now it's Grace & Frankie and Friends.

5. Hot Take: Time travel to the past or to the future?

Definitely time travel to the past! I am a huge History fan and would love to go back to different time periods and experience life as it was then. As well as meet some of the famous historical figures you've read about.

6. What do you love about residence?

Meeting people from all over the world! We get so many people come through Lister who all come from different backgrounds and cultures, it is always interesting when you learn something you didn't know.