Getting to know... Mae-Ann

mae-ann-blog.jpgMae-Anne is a fundamental part of residence operations. Keep reading to learn about Mae-Anne and why she loves working here.

What is your name and your position?

Mae-Ann Cutting-Bernal, Housekeeping Supervisor

2. What is your job in one sentence?

Oversee the cleanliness of Lister Centre Student Residence to provide a safe clean living and learning environment for residents living at Lister Centre, working closely with Housing, Maintenance and Residence Life.

3. If you had to bring one thing onto a remote island with you, what would it be?

My Bible

4. What are you currently streaming on Netflix?

Grace and Frankie

5. Hot Take: Ketchup on eggs?

Definitely, I like some eggs with my ketchup, lol

6. What do you love about residence?

The energy of working with residents, seeing the residents grow from being away from home for the first time is an amazing experience. Growing up in a big family with 6 brothers and enduring their many pranks, it makes me smile when similar antics at Lister happen and think "My Brothers did that!"