Getting to know... Penny

penny-blog.jpgGet to know Penny, one of the people who keeps residence operating properly behind the scenes.

1. What is your name and your position?

Penny Milligan. Supervisor, Residence Operations, Lister Centre and East Campus.

2. What is your job in one sentence?

I supervise the team that takes care of the residence buildings, we coordinate the cleaning, pest control, waste/recycle, snow removal, maintenance repairs, Eco Move Out and various other tasks to maintain our buildings.

3. If you had to bring one thing onto a remote island with you, what would it be?

Tea with milk and honey, I can't live without having two cups of tea every morning.

4. What are you currently streaming?

I recently finished binge watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix but now that The Vikings final season is on the History Channel I am watching that.

5. Hot Take: Ketchup on eggs?

Only on a fried egg sandwich on bread (not toasted) and melted cheese.

6. What do you love about residence?

I love the energy and atmosphere. It is very rewarding being able to provide housing for students that will graduate in a few years and have so many opportunities to be successful in whatever path they chose.