Getting to know... Zoe!

ualberta-blog-zoe-580x400.pngI am a medium sized Rottweiler X—hoomans refer to my breed as a true "Alberta Special" (aka mutt). I was Dini's 10th foster animal with Zoe's Animal Rescue Society (ZARS), a local rescue here in Edmonton that Dini volunteers with.

I was very pregnant when abandoned and had 5 puppies when I arrived in care. Dini thought my puppies were cute but she only had eyes for me. She loves every single one of the many fosters she has had, but we had a special connection and she could not let me go—so she adopted me!

My favourite activities are (in order of priority): Eating, cuddling, getting pets from strangers, giving kisses and stalking the hares and squirrels on campus.

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1. Zoe, what is your human's name and job title?

Other hoomans call my hooman Dini. The tasty business card I chewed up the other day said she is a Residence Coordinator at the U of A.

2. Zoe, how would you describe Dini's job in one sentence?

Dini leaves me for 8 hours a day to enhance the experience of students living in residence—she supervises student staff, oversees programs and events, keeps buildings safe and manages conduct and behaviour.

I don't like being away from her but I understand it's important work.

3. Zoe, what do you love about residence? What does Dini love about residence?

Living in residence is the best! Many people living in my building know me and give me pets! I love attending puppy playtime events with residents and joining walking-work meetings with student staff. I don't know if they are more excited to see me or me them!

Dini loves residence because it gives students amazing opportunities they otherwise may not have had. She lived in residence throughout her undergraduate degree as an RA and SRA and made many lifelong friendships—and she grew so much to be the person she is today.

4. What are you and Dini currently streaming together?

We love watching Brooklyn 99. Not going to lie, I snooze through most of it, but Dini says it's good!

5. What is your favorite thing to do in Edmonton during the summer with Dini?

My favourite summer activity with my hooman is definitely a tie between going to Buena Vista dog park (where I get to go sniff other dogs and people) and going to Starbucks and getting my favourite cooldown treat—a puppuccino!

6. Hot take: Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Dini would say that it gives it a nice balance of sweet and salty but I can't say I have an opinion because I only occasionally get a crust. But I'll eat anything—I'm a bottomless pit!