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Moraine LakeWith enrollment right around the corner, we have put together a list of some of the best or most interesting classes that we think you should take to make the most of your time at the U of A. Since we all need electives with every degree, these are some classes the Residence Life team has taken or recommends so be sure to check them out!

KRLS 411: Business of Hockey

Take an in-depth look at how the hockey industry operates in North America with a strong focus on the National Hockey League (NHL). This is a great elective to take for anyone who is a hockey fan and would love to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. This course touches on a wide variety of topics such as how the NHL attempts to maximize revenues and exposure as well as labour relations between the NHL and its players.

Sociology 203: Social Problems

Take this course with Dr. Ken Caine and experience social problems through the lens of MUSIC! The entire course is guided through the interpretation of music and music videos as a medium for the discussion of social problems such as poverty, crime, inequality, and racism and discrimination.

INT D 350: Game Design Principles and Practice

This course explores the formal elements of board game design as well as sports, live-action games and computer games. You actually get to design board games in the lab component of this course and part of your homework is playing board games with your friends outside of class. Yes, you read that correctly. You get credit for playing board games.

Sociology 375: Racism and Decolonization with Dr. Sandra Bucerius

After spending years writing her PhD dissertation on an underground German street gang, Dr. Bucerius challenges our perceptions of racism and the impacts of colonial structures on modern society. Learn about processes of decolonization, building a more equitable world, and the challenges of building cities in a fast paced, globalized world.

CHRTP 381: Introduction to Music Therapy

An extremely chill and relaxing course focused on different ways that music can be used therapeutically in real clinical settings. Taught by a registered music therapist, this class teaches real world strategies to use music to cope with the challenges and traumas we face in everyday life.

PSYCO 302: Psychology of Stress and Coping with Dr. Michelle Moscicki

Learn about the positive and negative implications that stress has on our lives. Dive into the biology of stress, the evolutionary advantages of our stress response, and the difficulties and complications that can arise from being too stressed, too often. Great final project!

PAC 182: Introduction to Rock Climbing

Want to climb rocks? Feel lucky enough to get a spot in the course? Climb rocks, tie knots, get better.

INT D 280: The Mountain World

An interdisciplinary course that looked at the exploration, science, and culture of mountains. It is an online course that counts as a science credit if you need to squeeze one in during a busy semester. A really cool aspect about it is that they use not just global examples, but close to home mountain ranges that are not too far away from Edmonton if you ever wanted to check them out!

CSL 100: Introduction to Community Engagement

Community Service-Learning (CSL) combines academic coursework with community-based experiences to educate students on social issues, the nonprofit sector, community engagement, and more. This course includes a 20 hour placement with a non-profit organization in Edmonton and is a great way to become better connected to your local community.

RELIG 274: Witchcraft and the Occult!

If that doesn’t sound cool, the professor who teaches it is even cooler. Glen Fairen was a really interesting dude with a lot of cool stories who you could tell was really passionate about the subject. Even though this was a 3 hour evening lecture, I found it really fun and never missed a class.

CLASS 261: Women, Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World

I took this class with Adam Kemezis, and he’s a professor I really enjoy. He gives opportunity for further discussion in class, and has a lot of knowledge on the subject. It was a bit reading-intensive but if you ever miss a class, he posts his lecture notes online in pretty good detail.

HADVC 203: History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture in the 17th Century

This class focused on European artists in the 17th century, specifically analyzing Rembrandt van Rijn, Peter Paul Rubens, and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Now I know this class may sound boring but I can promise you these artists had crazy lives with amazing stories behind all their works. If you're looking for an art elective, this is the one!

MMI 133: Medical Microbiology for Health Care Professionals

This class looks at microbiology from the perspective of health care professionals. Each topic discusses medical cases and treatments for infections/diseases, giving visibility and relevance to the topics you learn. The professor for this course created their own online game for students to use a study tool which was extremely helpful!

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