It's your lucky day

Andre Bonfiglio Compean - 12 March 2021

March 17 marks the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day. Here is a little bit of the history behind this well-known holiday celebrated by many.

Why do we celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Saint Patrick helped bring Christianity to Ireland and is recognized as country's patron saint. He is also known for explaining the Holy Trinity using the Irish clover,  with each leaf representing a component of the trinity. Since his death, Irish people have honored him on March 17—and in the North America, ginormous parades are thrown to celebrate!

Everyone wears green, goes out to behold the elaborate (and very much entertaining) parades and hope to find a little luck! These parades have become so popular that they are said to be the largest in the US. They celebrate Irish American culture by colouring the streets, rivers, buildings and people green.

Getting lucky

Originally, St. Patrick's Day was deemed a religious celebration, but in hopes to increase tourism and to share their culture, Ireland started promoting St. Patrick’s Day as a worldwide celebration! In other words, we got lucky. Now, we can all celebrate St. Patrick’s day, learn about Irish culture, wear extravagant green clothes and go crazy!

When St. Patrick’s Day comes around, wear green with pride and celebrate Irish people’s spirit. Make sure to do some digging to find some interesting facts related to the celebration, Irish history and Irish culture.

But luck only goes so far...

Make sure to be safe when celebrating though. Be safe, take care of one another and make sure to follow COVID-19 restrictions on and off campus. Spread Irish spirit and green, not COVID-19!

While we wait for March 17, start searching for that shamrock—or make one! Make your own luck and get ready to spread some green spirit all over you exams, projects and other fun activities.

Check out the Social Gatherings webpage to refresh your memory on how to celebrate safely during COVID-19.
Stay healthy!