Meet your RAs: Aspen & Maple House

Residence Life - 16 July 2021

Want to make a difference in your residence community? Take it from Chrissy, Mahima and Isabella—taking on a job in residence is a great way to do it!


Chrissy Powers, Aspen House RA


Why did you become an RA?
I decided to become an RA because I am extremely passionate about making a difference, big or small. I really wanted to give back to a community that has given me so much support and amazing experiences.

What’s the best thing about working in residence?
The best thing about working in residence is getting the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world! I love that I get to be a part of adding to our community and get to see it grow. :)

How do you know if a student leader position is right for you?
If you are passionate about adding to reslife and making it a fun, inclusive and supportive community, a student leader position is 100% for you.


Mahima Dhawan, Aspen & Maple House Summer RA


Why did you become an RA?
I have been living in residence throughout my university life and wanted to experience not only being a resident but being a resident assistant. Some of my RAs made the transition from home to university life a little bit easier by encouraging me to participate in community activities. I want to do the same and more for my residents by organizing activities that not only encourage them to interact with each other but also serve a meaningful purposewhether it’s related to mental or physical health and more! As an RA I want to work on improving things that have come up during my stay or any residents’ stays in university. Being an RA also helps me expand my organizational, time management and problem solving skills. Also, I get to meet new/old but always awesome residents. :D

What’s the best thing about working in residence?
One of the best things about working in residence is to have the opportunity to make a difference in the community I live in. I get to work on and organize projects that I think would make a positive impact on this community. I also get to meet new people and make new friends. Being an international student, I am always interested in understanding new cultures and people and learning new things from them. I have met amazing people from all over the world during my stay in university residence and some of them have become really good friends.

How do you know if a student leader position is right for you?
Knowing that a leadership position is right for someone can be very different for different people. Some people love meeting new people and building a happy and comfortable community, some love having to challenge their skills and improving them, some love to juggle between a few jobs plus studying to improve their time management skillsor all of these and more! I would recommend going over the job description carefully and having in mind that good time management skills, being willing to work for your community, acknowledging and respecting different opinions and backgrounds are some of the few things that would come in handy.


Isabella Ng, Maple House RA


Why did you become an RA?
I applied for a PLH RA position during my first year because I wanted to feel more involved in my community and have a chance to make a difference. Since then, I’ve continued in multiple positions because of all the opportunities I’ve had, both in my personal and professional life. I love all of the responsibilities I have as an RA: from programming to community support shifts and check-ins. Residence has been a big part of my university life so it’s important to me to I contribute to improving it where I can.

What’s the best thing about working in residence?
My favourite part of the job is all the people I’ve encountered. I met some of my best friends working as an RA and would have never had the same opportunities otherwise. It’s also super convenient living and working in the same place.

This past year, I was also a Storyteller, which allowed me a lot of freedom to be creative with the residence branding. I was able to write blogs, do Instagram takeovers and even film TikToks to further connect with residents. And, as if it couldn’t get any better, the Storyteller team was super chilldefinitely the highlight of working as an RA!

How do you know if a student leader position is right for you?
If you’re passionate about how residence looks and have innovative ideas of your own, I know you’d be a great leader in residence! Otherwise, I don’t think there’s any one mold that fits all student staff. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, more analytical or more creative, I’m sure there’s a position you’d love! I’d definitely recommend talking to other student leaders as they’d be able to give you specific advise for the position you’re looking into. From experience, I know they’re always willing to share their own tips and tricks for applying and getting the most out of the job. Apply today!


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