Meet your RAs: HUB

Residence Life - 16 July 2021

Settling down in a new environment can be hard but it's worth it! Take it from Mackenzie and Onosekoghene, your Resident Assistants in HUB.


Mackenzie Hammer, RA


Why did you become an RA?
Moving away from home is a nervewracking experience, and leaving the support of your family while transitioning into your university career feels downright impossible. But while I was nervous to start my life away from my family, the residence community welcomed me with open arms. With the support of the Lister community, I found my footing in the city, and knew I always had support behind me as I tried new things. I became an RA to support students like myself, nervous to be living in a strange new place but wanting to experience everything Edmonton had to offer. I hope to support students as they succeed (and fail) in their new adult lives.

What’s the best thing about working in residence?
The best part about working in residence is being able to visibly see the difference you make in a community. From the beginning of the year, it is your task to take a group of socially awkward teenagers and make them excited and prepared for the years ahead. Through leading programs, hosting community meetings and having game nights in the lounges, your residents become a community, leaning on each other for support as well as yourself. By the end of the year, you can look back on your residents and see the friendships and bonds they’ve made—and how they’ve created their own support systems to help them through the rest of their time at university.

How do you know if a student leader position is right for you?
Being a student leader is a give and take position. There are incredible nights of programs, bonding with your residents and RA team and exploring campus and the city. There are also Friday nights spent on shift, residents always vying for your attention and nights spent preparing your week so you can plan a creative program while also getting that essay done for class. Student leaders must be committed to the community, willing to spend the year actively engaging with residents and able to strike a balance between work and life. Student leaders must be able to work independently and creatively as often supervisors will encourage you to think of a solution to a problem before asking them for advice. The best student leaders are those who can look past late night fire drills, COVID restrictions and endless emails to see the difference they are making in the community.


Onosekoghene Itegboje, RA


Why did you become an RA?
When I first arrived in residence, I was an international student confused about how to settle down in a new environment that was so different from my country. The first people that made me feel welcome on campus were my Resident Assistants. They seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me and where I was from, which made my transition into university much easier. I wanted the opportunity to give that same kind of support to students entering residence for the first time.

What’s the best thing about working in residence?
The best part about working in residence is making and meeting new friends. One thing I’ve always loved about residence is the fact that you get to meet so many new people from different backgrounds.

How do you know if a student leader position is right for you?
You wake up one day and just know that that RA black and green vest would be the greatest statement piece in your closet. But on a serious note, I think most people would be right for a student leadership positioneveryone has something to bring to the table.


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