Meet your RAs: Pinecrest & Tamarack House

Residence Life - 14 July 2021

Taking on a student staff role in residence can completely change your experience. Learn more from Souparni and Holly, your Resident Assistants in Pinecrest and Tamarack House.


Souparni Roy, Tamarack House RA


Why did you become an RA?
My first year and transition to university was made much easier by two wonderful RAs. I have lived in residence since 2017 and this has become my home. I wanted to give back to the community and become involved, therefore the RA position worked really well for me. This is also a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people, make friends and gain leadership experience that looks good on your resume.

What’s the best thing about working in residence?
Being able to meet people from different parts of the world. I am an international student and it was important to me that I expanded my horizons and learned about different cultures. Being an RA is a great way to do this!

You also get to help people and organize fun, creative activities which in itself is rewarding and has become a creative outlet for me.

How do you know if a student leader position is right for you?
Read the job description before you apply and think about the other time commitments you will have during the semester. I have been able to balance school work, a co-op internship and other extracurricular activities alongside being an RA because the job is really flexible and there is a lot of freedom on how you organize your time. You can also ask previous RAs and student leaders about their experiences to learn more about the role.


Holly Clark, Pinecrest House RA


Why did you become an RA?
I became an RA because of the convenience. I wasn’t completely sure where I wanted to live after my first year and coming back as student leader seemed like a great option with opportunities for growth in leadership, as well as the convenience of working from home (pandemic or not!). I knew that I loved living in residence, and being able to make some money while helping students navigate their university experience would be a rewarding way to give back to my community.

What’s the best thing about working in residence?
One great thing about working in residence is the community you build with your RA team, student leader team and community. I was able to meet friends through Residence Life that I never would have had the opportunity of talking to. The support that my RA team provided felt like a brand new experience and I always knew I had someone to talk to when life felt a little hectic. It’s also amazing seeing your floor/building bonding during your programs and appreciating the work that you’re putting into making residence feel like home.

My favourite part of working as a student leader was the personal development I was able to experience. I learned so much about mental health, leadership, working with a team, time management and skills like how to best support my friends through difficult situations. I was able to go to workshops, attend training sessions and get first hand experience gaining soft skills that will help me excel after my degree, and create a more well rounded list of strengths.

How do you know if a student leader position is right for you?
If you want to know what student leader position is right for you, assess your current skills & interests. If you know you’re strong academically and have a passion for helping students build their own academic skills, becoming a peer tutor or academic cohort leader might stand out to you. If you’re eager to explore your identity and help others find their home in residence, consider the non-academic cohorts, like FNMI and 2SLGBTQ+. If you want the rewarding experience of helping to make our residences feel like home for so many students, as well as supporting students through the student life cycle, becoming an RA sounds like the perfect fit.


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